Fall is paying us its first visit


Fall is finally starting to show itself here in Atlanta and no one is more excited about this than we are! Pretty soon the leaves will be changing, our coffee won’t be iced and the Fall clothes that have been burning a hole in our closet will finally get to come out and play.

But if you’re smart, you know the best thing about fall creeping in is getting to shop all the latest trends! It’s going to be a 70′s Fall- full of vintage inspiration to give you that breath of fresh air we’ve been craving.

And what better place to go to give your wardrobe that vintage kiss than The Lucky Exchange!

The Lucky Exchange has everything you need to get ready! For everything from flare jeans and booties to grab a pumpkin latte with a friend, to the perfect plaid to go apple picking on a gorgeous afternoon, and that suede mini skirt for a night on the town. We’ve got all you need with the same great quality and price you’ve come to trust and love!

So grab a friend and head over to Lucky to get lucky! We can’t wait to make this fall your most memorable yet!

Be Mine!


Getting ready for Fall and Winter?

The Lucky Exchange has lots of sweaters, jackets, and coats to get you ready for the chilly days ahead! We have unique vintage pieces and some awesome contemporary pieces like this All Saints Motorcycle jacket. Come try your luck! It’s time 2 Get Lucky!

How we buy…

You have clothes that you never wear..they are in good condition and you think are still stylish for someone..You bring them into The Lucky Exchange to sell…


We sort thru your clothing and accessories and see if there are items we could resale.

What we consider when sorting/purchasing:

1. Quality
2. Cut and style
3. Condition
4. What sells
5. Our inventory and need

After sorting and choosing the pieces we are interested in, we will make an offer in cash OR store credit. Store credit is double the cash offer! If you are wanting to shop, store credit is the best deal! However, you always have the option to take the cash!

We use all the factors listed above to determine the amount of cash/store credit we give.

Comments? Questions? Please call us @ 404-817-7715 or email us @ theluckyexchange@mindspring.com


Come “get lucky!”

We have some great pieces that would be perfect for back to school- matter of fact- perfect for anytime! Come check us out- we have racks of Sale items that will carry you through the rest of the summer and kick off your fall wardrobe! IT IS TIME TO GET LUCKY!


Why pay retail?

Paying retail is really a big waste of money! If you don’t have time to scour thrift stores, resale shops such as The Lucky Exchange do the work for you! You can find unique quality items for 1/4 of the price. For example, we have stylish Vintage, Zara, H&M and Club Monoco dresses for $12.00 to $29.99. For the men, we have Ralph Lauren button ups for $12.99 and some really cool vintage pants and shirts! We also have high end denim for men and women. We only buy clothing that’s in good condition and/or stylish vintage with lots of wear left. It only makes sense! We BUY SELL and TRADE! Come check us out and you too might “get lucky!”

Competing with the Silhouette

The most common complaint I hear about  modern fashion is that it is unflattering.

There is a truth to the cyclical nature of fashion. we move through periods of figure flattering fashion and periods of avante garde style where popular designers experiment with geometric cuts and movement ( kinetic sculpture) for styles that while impressive aren’t particularly flattering to the human body wearing them.


There is an extreme example of this in the 1980s, an extremely influential decade to what is currently popular. During this period jacked up shoulder pads are used by designers to angle jackets into deep triangles, bluntly cut shoulders are used to cause square draping, and tapered leggings particularly when they were combined with pleating around the waist and thighs make long spiked shapes of the lower body. Visually it was interesting but not because it looked like a human body.


Currently we are at a climactic time in fashion. We have the experience of seeing that and so many other extreme examples of altered silhouettes. Bustles , waist cinchers, and huge hoop skirts were all designed to sit away from the body. These types of styles were usually influenced by periods of either puritanical oppression or couture breakthrough.


From this point we have a unique opportunity to decide how we can practically utilize the knowledge of these periods of experimentation. 941144_482226341864884_1740378809_n

Lucky Beach Fashion

Lucky Beach Fashion

This season we have some amazing styles for vintage fashion trending.

Combining old hollywood glamour, the freethinking style of the 60s, & the geometric influence of the 80′s – modern swimwear done right has the benefit of so much historical reference.


Vintage swimwear in conchord with present day concepts of body consciousness and comfortability bring us a slew of flattering silhouettes which evoke the iconic vamp. Symbolic of the empowered woman – sexy, confident, and dynamic.


Transition your vintage beach gear to nightwear easily the season. Tunics when fitted and worn at the right length above the knee make simultaneously great beach cover-ups, and adorable dresses for out on the town after. Dress it up with a great piece of jewelry or two. Drop the tote and the hat in the car in favor of a clutch or wallet purse and your ready to go.


We are lucky this season to have so many options in footwear. There are a ton of great sandals that easily transition from the shoreline to a venue. Just be on the lookout for how easily you can rinse off sand.


Lucky Beachcomber Checklist:

1. Vintage Bathing Suit
2. Fitted Tunic
3. Day to Night Sandal
4. Vintage Grass Tote
5. Classic Sunhat
6. Statement Necklace
7. Sunglasses

The Lucky Exchange Online Store coming soon!

Hi Lucky Ones,

After many request from our out of town customers, we are almost ready to launch our online store. Stay tuned for our “Shop” link on our home page! We are ┬ávery excited about our new endeavor and hope you are too!


Ankle Boots and Dresses are so perrrfect for Spring! Come "get lucky."  We have bundles of dresses and boots!

Ankle Boots and Dresses are so perrrfect for Spring! Come "get lucky."  We have bundles of dresses and boots!

Ankle Boots and Dresses are so perrrfect for Spring! Come “get lucky.” We have bundles of dresses and boots!