On combining vintage and modern styles…

There has never been a better time to start combining vintage and modern styles than right now. More and more brands and fashion houses are taking inspiration from their own previous collections to create exciting new pieces and pay tribute to the history of fashion. This makes it easy to pair that favorite vintage band tee with your brand new high waisted jeans or that new to you Gucci bag with a classic 50’s fit and flare dress.

Remember, when combining vintage and modern, it’s all about cut, color and style.

Start out taking the easy route by combining pieces from the same era with modern pieces inspired by that era. With a little research, this will be easy. Remember, these styles were literally made for each other! For example: the “newest” trend soon to reach the floor of your favorite ready to wear shop this fall will be modern flares inspired by the bell bottoms and elephant leg pants of the early 70’s. Style these with a vintage pop collar polyester button down or a vintage tee and some fun cowboy boots for a truly retro fit. I sometimes like to make sure that the shirt and boots have some color in common to guide the eye to the whole outfit.

Once you have the basics of combining the same retro styles down, try mixing it up a bit! Pair those same modern flares with a brightly colored, retro patterned vintage 80’s windbreaker and some 90’s kicks to complete the look.

For a more subdued look, stick with classic, timeless designs like cardigans, simple patternless dresses and mid waisted pleated skirts. If you take a look at styles ranging from the 30’s all the way to present day, you’ll begin to notice the basic designs that hardly ever change throughout the years. Those will be your classic pieces.

With a little practice and some research on vintage styles, it’s easy to breathe new life into that vintage piece, and into your everyday wardrobe!

Happy hunting!