Monthly Archives: August 2014

Getting ready for Fall and Winter?

The Lucky Exchange has lots of sweaters, jackets, and coats to get you ready for the chilly days ahead! We have unique vintage pieces and some awesome contemporary pieces like this All Saints Motorcycle jacket. Come try your luck! It’s time 2 Get Lucky!

How we buy…

You have clothes that you never wear..they are in good condition and you think are still stylish for someone..You bring them into The Lucky Exchange to sell…


We sort thru your clothing and accessories and see if there are items we could resale.

What we consider when sorting/purchasing:

1. Quality
2. Cut and style
3. Condition
4. What sells
5. Our inventory and need

After sorting and choosing the pieces we are interested in, we will make an offer in cash OR store credit. Store credit is double the cash offer! If you are wanting to shop, store credit is the best deal! However, you always have the option to take the cash!

We use all the factors listed above to determine the amount of cash/store credit we give.

Comments? Questions? Please call us @ 404-817-7715 or email us @