Competing with the Silhouette

The most common complaint I hear about  modern fashion is that it is unflattering.

There is a truth to the cyclical nature of fashion. we move through periods of figure flattering fashion and periods of avante garde style where popular designers experiment with geometric cuts and movement ( kinetic sculpture) for styles that while impressive aren’t particularly flattering to the human body wearing them.


There is an extreme example of this in the 1980s, an extremely influential decade to what is currently popular. During this period jacked up shoulder pads are used by designers to angle jackets into deep triangles, bluntly cut shoulders are used to cause square draping, and tapered leggings particularly when they were combined with pleating around the waist and thighs make long spiked shapes of the lower body. Visually it was interesting but not because it looked like a human body.


Currently we are at a climactic time in fashion. We have the experience of seeing that and so many other extreme examples of altered silhouettes. Bustles , waist cinchers, and huge hoop skirts were all designed to sit away from the body. These types of styles were usually influenced by periods of either puritanical oppression or couture breakthrough.


From this point we have a unique opportunity to decide how we can practically utilize the knowledge of these periods of experimentation. 941144_482226341864884_1740378809_n

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